About the blog:

Everything on this blog started up as a seed in my head. To avoid constantly boring my wife with observations and thoughts on strength, training, Crossfit and life in general I share them here. I try to keep it clear and to the point, though sometimes my mind works in mysterious ways. I’m a writer first and as such my writings will reflect this – this is not a science-blog in any way though my general approach to training is somewhat scientific.

My outlook on the world of training is based what I see in my daily training at a CrossFit gym, my training with some of the country’s best powerlifters and my conversation with weightlifters, powerlifters, bodybuilders and crossfitters. People that share a passion for pushing themselves to new heights.

About the blogger:

My name is Christoffer and I was born in 1979.
I’ve competed in various sports since I was 6 years old – badminton, basketball and now powerlifting. I’ve also tried running track for some time as well as a marathon back in 2010. I’ve worked part-time as a Crossfit instructor since 2011 and have been inspired by CF in some form since 2008.
I live in beautiful Copenhagen with my wife and baby daughter.
Besides lifting, I enjoy reading, good coffee and having a beard.

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