Are you testing or training?

One of the problems with young guys and the inexperienced trainee in general, is that they all too often test their strength instead of train it.

When you’re a novice lifter, nothing is easier than getting stronger, and nothing is harder than getting stronger. Enthusiasm and the wrong focus often gets in the way of things.

CF wods or “metcon finishers” or whatever it’s called these days often end up being a test. Testing is fine and great – it’s hard to measure progress unless you’re testing, but don’t turn your training into a test.


Most of your training should be made up of cruising periods, where intensity sits nicely between 70-85% give or take. This goes for lifting as well as conditioning. Life and training maybe remembered as great moments, but you gotta live for the grind.

There’s simply no need to test yourself at 95% on a regular basis. Peaking strength a couple of times a year and going all out is a great way to cultivate a sense of urgency in training, but you could just as well live an entire life in the 3-8 rep range and get freakishly strong.

Make sure you’re not doing something for nothing, if you’re testing – do so for a reason, and make sure it’s a conscious decision to test something.

3 thoughts on “Are you testing or training?

  1. This is going to be a general comment to your blog and not only to your recent post. Reading through your posts, has done the trick for me. I’ve always floated around trying to find the magic cure, should i do this or that… Just get stronger and that should take care of it. You write in a great tone and I enjoy the info you share. Looking forward to read more from you!

    • Thank you.
      I started this blog with the intention of putting what I consider good information outthere. Hopefully it’ll inspire people like you to avoid making the mistakes I did (and do).
      Have a great weekend and thanks for the kind words.

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