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After a disastrous Danish Championship in 2012 I had to rethink quite a few thinks. I changed my approach to training and powerlifting in particular. Yesterday I did my first three lift meet since then. Here’s how it went down:

I slept like shit. Woke up several times feeling nauseous. Almost threw up at breakfast, but couldn’t mange to get anything in me. I managed to get in a nap before heading out to the venue. By the time I got there, I’d already take four dumps this morning and hadn’t really managed to get any food in me. A bit of oatmeal and an apple. Fuck that. I’m gonna lift anyways. I’d taken my precautions and packed babywipes and spare underwear – just in case.

Weighed in at a feather light 97,85kg and stuck to my planned openers – 170/120/210. All lifts I’d doubled or more in training. Conservative numbers.

Warming up I was very relaxed. Not really in the zone or anything. Wasn’t feeling it. Missed the first lift on depth and got PISSED. First time I’ve ever had a squat red-lighted and on an opener? Fuck that!

Killed 170 on second attempt and got 180 in the third. Not impressive considering my best is 197,5, but it was what I had in me.

Bench is always a weird one as you can’t really get super pissed at the weight and power it up. The lift that requires the least aggression for me. Opened with a solid 120, followed up with another solid lift and almost went for 132.5 in the third, but stuck to the plan. Perfect weight for me as I juuuust managed to get it up. Yay. Time for pulls!

As usual, pretty much any deadlift over 150 feels heavy and at the end of a meet you’re always gonna be a bit worn down.

Absolutely crushed my opener, went for 230 and got it convincingly. Solid and in good form. Went to 245 – a weight I’d missed about a year ago and had had my eye on since. I went totally apeshit.

The lift was a true last deadlift and it wasn’t pretty. I got it though and held it for a good bit at the top. Top end strength and grip is never an issue.

Total: 555 @97,85 which puts me pretty much at the same wilks score as my last meet. A nice place to build from. I think I took 7th place.

Returning to the platform was good fun and I managed to rub elbows with so many good guys. It’s also good to know that I can still get up on the platform and perform maximally, even on a shitty day.

In short: Except for the missed squat, all my lifts were planned ahead of the meet. I hit all the numbers I wanted. Happy with how it went down.

Also our host ER Equipment did a terrific job as did all the officials present. All those guys helped set the scene for a very smooth and well run meet.

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