“Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day”.

“Eat like a King in the morning, like a prince during the day and like a beggar at night”.

“A good breakfast will keep you going all through the day”.

The myths are plentiful when it comes to breakfast and most of them are (just like this post :D) based on a heavy dose of broscience.

Here’s what I have for breakfast most days:

coffee espresso

A short, strong coffee (sometimes with full fat cream). That’s it.

There’s been tons of research done on fasting diets and 6 a day diets (meals, not fruit) and both “work”. Unless you’re a competitive bodybuilder preparing for a show it really doesn’t matter. Eat when you’re hungry and eat until you’re ~80% full. That should pretty much do the trick, provided your nutrition is relatively good.

If you find your weight dropping or increasing, you obviously need to adjust. I’d look at cleaning up the diet first and portion size second. That should fix the problem for most people.

My recommendation is really not a recommendation at all – figure out what works for you, and stick to it. Either way, I suggest you try some kind of fasting for a period of a month or so. It’s obviously something completely different and a breath of fresh air if you’re used to eating every three hours. It can also be a valuable tool if you have a big family thing coming up and want to do damage control in advance. Fasting diets are not for gaining size, so if that’s your goal – stuff your face around the clock.

While I’m not saying that fasting allows you to eat shit, it’s obviously a way of limiting calories for a period of time, allowing you to consume more calories at other times.

For more about fasting diets, I suggest you read this book. For more general nutrition info, I suggest you get this little puppy.

Have a great one!

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