Crossfit is a shitty training program!

It’s all over the internet: Crossfit is a shitty training program, and CFers are idiots who lift with poor form. And it’s true. I know because I’ve been in CrossFit for a long time.


But, the internet-gurus that hate on Crossfit are really 1) missing the point and 2) not really up to date with what goes on in CF.

Crossfitters lift with poor form:

The easy and short argument first: the lifting form. Back in 2009 the lifts in CF looked like shit. In 2014 if you sit down and look at the Games, you’ll see 40 lifters who not only lift very well but also move very efficiently. Anybody with one eye and half a brain can see that. Obviously beginners often don’t lift well and some coaches need to be better at teaching movements, but compare it to the idiocy you’ll find a commercial gyms and you’ll see that CF actually isn’t that bad. More often than not, you’ll walk into a gym where the majority knows how to squat.


CrossFit is a shitty training program!:

It is. Or well, no – it really isn’t. Depending on your perspective. See CF isn’t a “training program”, so logically it either can’t be a bad training program or it definitely is. Sort of like a bicycle is either a bad car or not a car at all depending on your perspective.

Crossfit in the pure mainsite-WOD (or WOD at your box) sense is not training. Training is personalized and goal oriented. Crossfit is in its own words “the sport of fitness” – if you don’t compete in the “sport” what’s left is simply fitness.

Crossfit is a fitness “system”! It’s that simple. Might I add – it’s a good fitness system.

Crossfit shouldn’t be compared with a personalized strength training program anymore than soccer and volleyball should be compared. Crossfit is an alternative to Zumba, pole fitness, spinning and fitness boxing classes – a great alternative that has more people than ever training with free weights. I don’nt really understand how people who want to train hard and use free weights is ever gonna be a bad thing.

The goal of fitness is to make you sweat and burn some calories. Maybe also give you a good endorphin rush. Anything else is a bonus. Crossfit actually (to a certain degree) gets you stronger and teaches you basic movement patterns.

Instead of ridiculing the endless stupid videos of CFers doing stupid shit on Youtube, how about this video:



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