Dear Brother

I write you this letter because I’ve missed you. It’s been way too long. Way too long.

See I let myself get carried away, and I built up a wall between us. A wall that I’m gonna tear down starting today. I, like most of the world, have spent way too much time figuring out how we’re different and what separates us.


We’re really not that different. We may have followed different paths in life, but honestly – we grew up in the same place. We have the same DNA.

Whether you’re into gymnastics, volume, intensity, hypertrophy, strength, MMA, powerlifting, speed, weightlifting or heck – even Crossfit… We’re brothers and I respect your decisions. I may not agree with you or your decisions, but like me, you’ve decided to better yourself day by day. You’ve decided to set aside momentary discomfort for better health, and a longer life. You’ve decided to be more.

For that, I respect you.

I’m sick and tired of seeing “x is better than y” or something similar and the internet is overflowing with it these days. My stance on the best form of exercise?

Even the best training regime in the world only works if you actually do it!

On my blog I generally advocate heavy strength training combined with some high intensity conditioning, however – with the current state of the world, you gotta be enthusiastic whenever somebody decides to simply pick their ass up off the couch and get something done. Even if it’s just going for a walk.

For some reason people who train in general have a tendency to be exclusive and to put others down. I’ll do my very best to end that.

I challenge you to support this noble cause – get excited for a friend hitting a new PR on a 5k run even if you’re a swimmer. Give a high-five to a stranger who just hit 15-inch arms, even if you’re into golf.

Stop putting each other down – support others and their decisions.

And don’t forget the love. <3

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