Dress to impress

.Training people is a job.

A job where you’re presenting on a daily basis.

I used to dress as if I was gonna train (and/or train before/after) when I was working. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I make sure to shower and change now. Actually, this morning before heading out I said to my wife “I don’t need to shower, I’m just gonna….” and then it hit me.

While looks is everything and honestly shouldn’t really be anything at all – it often is. Why is that? Because of people like me. People that view the gym as a place you train and dress for that. They might even skip their morning shower and/or shave since everybody is sweaty anyways. I made sure to shower and shave this morning.

What other job where your primary function is direct contact with the customer would you show up looking like a bum?


Now I’m not suggesting you suit up like you would for a job interview at a bank – not at all. I would however suggest thinking about how you present yourself and how that corresponds with the message you’re selling.

Keys points to think about:

  • Showering and shaving. No explanation needed.
  • Clean clothes with no holes. Ideally I’d wear a poloshirt and a quiet pair of shorts/training pants. You need to be able to move if you have to demonstrate.
  • Be well-rested and prepared. Nothing kills the energy of a group like a yawning, weary-eyed instructor, who forgot the program.
  • Smiling and being nice to people.

It’s simple really.

If in doubt, do your best to look like this guy:


Writing this down is my way of writing a check. If you ever see me working while looking like a bum call me out! I’ve been guilty of this up until today, and it changes now.

See you outthere. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dress to impress

    • Fuck no.
      Having a beard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shave though. 🙂
      I always keep it nice, clean and tight around the edges.

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