Early morning sessions

While training early in the morning is by no means ideal, sometimes it’s only way you can find time to train. I train early in the morning about two times a week. Here are my tips for making it work:

Take your time. I know this may seem a bit contra-intuitive, but I suggest giving yourself at the very least 15 minutes to just sit and wake up at home. I prefer a good strong cup of coffee.

Warm up properly. An additional 5-10 minutes spent on the warm up will make a huge difference. Pay extra care to the spine – cat/camels are a must.

If possible, schedule your heaviest lower body work on days where you can train later in the day.


Breakfast? I don’t eat anything. Your muscles should be filled with energy from the night before, so you don’t really need it. A piece of fruit or a small shake may be good for you though – just don’t overdo it. Also, a lot of people recommend 10-15g of BCAA for fasted sessions.

What I’ve found is that my energy throughout the day is better when I train in the morning. It probably costs me a bit of strength at the top end, but I can live with that. It definately takes a bit of getting used to, but after a week or two, you wont even feel the difference.

Best part is that when you occasionally get to train in the afternoon/evening, you’ll instantly be stronger. Yay. 🙂

Oh yea one last thing – training in the morning is great, because the gym wont be too crowded.



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