Going on vacation part 2 – packing list

You’re getting ready to go, but you’re wondering what to bring. Have no fear, the famous brother is here!!! 🙂

luggage full and ready to travel

You can relatively easy and without having to bring another suitcase carry a few simple training tools on your vacation. This is what I’d recommend:

  • Lacrosse ball. This will come in handy after sleeping 2 hours in a shitty plane seat.
  • Foam roller. Either something similar to More Mile Beast Foam Roller 33cm, or a homemade PVC version. Doubles as safe storage if you buy anything fragile while away.
  • Gymboss or a similar timer.
  • A light and a medium band.
  • A set of straps – hotel gym bars are usually shit.
  • Jump rope.

One thing you’ll notice is that all of these things are light and don’t take up much space, yet they’ll allow you to get a bit of training and mobility work done.

Next part in this series will go more in-depth with the training itself. Stay tuned!


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