Have a hard time finding time to train?

Most of us have been through stretches where we’re pressed for time. The first thing to go is often training, then a decent diet and finally sleep. In this post I’ll give you a small handful tips that’ll make it easier not to get that snowball-effect going. As soon as we manage to stick to our training, it becomes easier to eat well and rest, simply because of the synergy.

1. Write down your training plan

A simple but effective tip, this subconsciously works as a written contract between you and you. It also makes it easier to go once you have the time because you already know what you’re gonna do.

2. Put your training in your calendar

Another contract with yourself that also reminds you every time you look at the calendar. It’s also a way of telling whoever has access to your calendar to expect you to be at the gym at that time.

3. Have your bag packed

Pre-packing your bag is another way to make it easier to get out the door. While it doesn’t take very long to do, every bit counts. The more obstacles you have to cross to get to the gym, the harder it’s gonna be. Make it easy on yourself.

4. Train on specific days/times

Another way of bypassing the whole “motivation” thing. If you decide to train every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon you don’t have to decide if you want to go train on a specific day or not. This also allows you to plan around your training and thus prioritize it.

5. Train with somebody

Having a friend or a personal trainer makes it easier to show up. Again you’ve made a “contract” but this time with another person. In addition to this, if you agree on training at a specific time each week, you’d actively have to cancel if you can’t go. We’re lazy and if we have to do something actively to stay home from training, we’ve just made it harder for ourselves to skip training and thus easier to get it done. Another simple psychological trick.


All of these five points deal with the psychology of getting out the door and to the gym and that’s just one set of tools. If you’re going through a long stressful period, you should probably modify your training so that you can blast through it quickly. You’re not gonna make huge gains anyways during a stressed period, so planning a few weeks of easier training will take away from the stress and just give you a place to relax.

You could also add in a weekly run or two as it’s an extremely time efficient way to train for most people.

What’s so great about the five points detailed in this post is that they work for everybody. It’s an easy way to hack your brain and keep it from keeping you from training.

Yay. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Have a hard time finding time to train?

  1. Hi Fame boy

    I find it, when working 3 jobs, most days from 7-20ish, that having my bag freshly packed and ready to train in te car at all times helps me greatly. Also having a locker in the gym with gear helps. Also working at he hospital with people coming for rehabilitaion following heartrelated issues i try get in my cardio when I train with them.

    IMO you can always find time to, at least, maintain yourself and your health. Just about making the choice.

    Great post.
    Mysser fra Anders

    • Hey Anders
      Developing a habit and making it easier for yourself is what it’s all about.
      Finding/creating opportunities like you do is a great thing as well.


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