Having a plan

I wasn’t gonna post up the video in this post, as it’s just too damn embarrassing. Then, talking about what happened just last night made me realize something. There’s a good lesson to be learned from my failures.


Having a fucking plan and sticking to it is not only preferable in lifting, but also in life. What I did on Saturday was this: I’d decided on an opener and once I’d weighed in, I decided on my second lift. I was gonna wing it on the third lift. I should’ve skipped the last lift, as I’d already gotten what I came for. Winging it is just silly.

Having a plan will allow you to prepare mentally  for a lift as well as concentrating on just lifting the damned weight. No need to gauge if it felt heavy and if so how heavy? Let me tell you a little secret – when you’re deadlifting around 2.5x bodyweight, everything feels heavy. Everything feels like shit. Different amounts of shit, but I’ve yet to do a maximal effort deadlift that didn’t suck.

Here’s the video I promised – it’s proof of what happens when you don’t have a plan. Lack of focus and willpower.

For my next meet, I’ll have all 9 lifts planned out several weeks ahead. Actually I have a good idea of what I’m shooting for already.

PS: If you’re good enough to have a shot at winning something – anything, you might have to adjust your lifts on the day based on the competition. Most people just need to plan out some big solid (PR) lifts and keep improving over time. That eventually will get you medals/fame/women/world domination. It’ll also get you a reputation as the white-light-guy. Who doesn’t want to be Mr All Whites?

2 thoughts on “Having a plan

  1. Sødt <3. Tror nu vi alle kender det.
    PS: Du er i grunden blevet en helt flot fyr efter du er kommet under de 100 kg!

    • Det klæder mig ikke ikke at have en plan, og det ligner mig egentlig heller ikke. 🙂
      Jo tak – jeg er faktisk overrasket over dagsformen på billederne fra liga – det tegner godt for sommeren hvis jeg lige kan få shreddet 2-5kg mere. 🙂

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