I really dislike this exercise with all of my heart

And yet here I am suggesting that you do it.

But why would I recommend an exercise that:

  • Probably doesn’t really build strength or muscle
  • Isn’t “fun” or “sexy” to do
  • Requires quite a bit of space
  • Would gather a crowd at any commercial gym

The answer to that question is really quite simple. This exercise helps put me in a position where I’m able to get stronger and build muscle – while remaining injury-free. And no – it’s not an annoying mobility drill.

The exercise I’m thinking about is the turkish get-up. It’s annoying because it’s slow, requires more balance than brute strength and doesn’t give you a great pump.

What it does really well though is teach you how to move as a whole, teaches stability and it makes me feel good.


What really bothers me is that I can’t even make a short list of bullet points to sell the exercise to you. Because that’s not really what it does for me. It’s beyond and above exercises, muscle groups, progressions and mobility.

It works well as the last part of a warmup right before you hit your main exercise – 3-5 sets of 1 pr side is plenty. If you want to spice it up a bit, combine it with a waiter walk so you get up, walk 5-10m and get back down. This will fire up your entire system and provide some extra stability work for the midsection and shoulders.

Do it a couple of times a week for a small handful of sets. I promise you it’ll be a good thing.

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