Martin Rooney Training for Warriors Instructors Course level 1 review

Let me be honest – I don’t really like seminars. After witnessing a seminar second hand where the head speaker was so disinterested he’d rather take a nap (actually he did while his helpers did the actualy coaching) I decided I’d never go to one. I’m extremely happy I changed my mind, and I’m extremely happy I got the opportunity to experience Martin. See the seminar was about training, but really it was about so much more.

As part of the Butchers team I also got to hang out with Martin a bit backstage and the conversations we had there were life changing for me. He even had some great advice on being a dad to girls (he has FOUR girls). He’s a class act in everything he does and an amazing inspiration. He’s also pretty funny. 🙂

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As serious and American he can be in his motivational speeches, there’s one thing about Martin that stands above all else. Authenticity. He isn’t the kind of speaker that’s an entirely different person when he’s off. Obviously he turns it up a little in front of a huge crowd (50+) but he’s basically the same. The kind of guy you’d love to have a beer with, the kind of trainer you want your kids to have, the kind of guy you’d go to war with. Martin doesn’t just talk about strength, he’s actually strong. He’s hit a 1300+ lbs total in the 198lbs class without even being a powerlifter.

Disguised as a training seminar, it’s actually more of a personal leadership seminar, teaching and preaching attention to detail and being a good role model as little golden nuggets in between warmup sets or whatever. He has an amazing way of filling out every single second with something – even if it’s a ridiculous little joke about broccoli. With him – it’s just as much about what he says during the rests and whatnot.

Will I be following TFW workouts taken directly from the website? No. I’m not a mindless drone. I will however be following the philosophy of training that Martin stands for, in life and in training. You could say he changed my life. The rubber band on my wrist reminds me to follow my compass. I also got one of his books last night for inspiration as I needed that for my warmups in particular.

As for the training – without knowing it I’ve actually been pretty damn close to following the system. Actually not just the system – I’ve been pretty close to the philosophy as well as a quick talk to Martin on meditation showed.

I’ll provide a couple of quick notes to take home:

  • Showing up! Martin pretty much built his success on showing up. To quote Michael Jordan “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.
  • Don’t give yourself “no”s. Let others turn you down.
  • Find and write down a listen of around 5 core values that drive you. Things that’re essential to you. Things you’d die for.
  • Finally a bit on exercise – don’t chase “hardcore”. Train as little as possible to create the stress and rest adequately.

Hopefully I’ll get to go on level 2 next year when he’s hopefully back in CPH. Level 2 is the strength/speed part, which is actually my primary interest. Yeah – some of you will make fun of me because I’m drinking the Kool Aid and that’s great. I don’t mind giving you a few laughs. If you know Martin from a couple of articles on T-Nation and a video on the tube – you really have no clue what he’s all about and that’s your choice. I strongly suggest that you reconsider and get a spot on one of he’s seminars if he’s ever in your area. Actually – even if he isn’t – you should travel to see him. He’s that good. If you let him, he’ll change your life the way he changed mine.


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  3. What is the profile to assist in this Rooney’s Training?
    Is somebody, not a personal trainer or coach can go to his seminar?
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