Oakley M frame review and helpfile

The Oakley M frame. A pair of sunglasses designed to be worn under the most extreme circumstances. They’re about as common in Afghanistan as a superdupermegasized burger meal is in the states. They’ve also helped countless cyclists and runners perform at the highest level. It’s a great pair of sunglasses.

I’m so happy with mine that I haven’t worn my beloved RayBay Aviatiors for more than a month.


Matt Damon wears M Frames


Mine fit me perfectly and I’ve never heard of anyone who didn’t have the same experience. They’re snug, but rest lightly on the nose and ears. The fit is just perfect and you can run around with them as much as you want to (I wore them for about 20 minutes of jumping last weekend) without any problems.

Style: Let’s face it, the M frame is a function over form type of gadget, but that’s a style in itself isn’t it? It’s like saying “fuck you and your designer shades, my specs are bulletproof NYAH!”. I find them stylish in their own way. I also find my Ray Ban Aviators stylish in an entirely different way.

A few tips on styling: I went with the SI model, which is a matte black, with gunmetal O. I like that alot. I’d suggest you get those or the industrial version since the styling and branding is very discrete and the frames downplayed. A bright neon-yellow frame is nowhere near as versatile. See the thing is, you can change the nosepiece and the rubber sleeves on the frame to mix it up a bit if you want that. You can also switch the lenses which will radically change the look of the glasses. I suggest you go with as discrete a frame as you can find. At least for your first pair of Ms.

Also, the shape and color of the lens really changes the appearance. My basic lens is a hybrid S black iridium, which is the smallest available lens in a mirrored black finish. They’re perfect for medium and bright light, though I find they’re a bit too “cold” if the light is really flat. Switching to a bigger lens with a brighter/more colored finish will definately change the look to something more futuristic. Mix and match. There are also vented options with little holes at the top of the frame. This seems to reduce fogging, which is great if you use them for sport.

The bigger lenses do have the advantage of covering the entire eye area better, which means you’re be completely shut off. 🙂

This is really one of the biggest strengths of the M Frame. The frame itself is pretty cheap, and while the lenses aren’t cheap, you can easily put together a pair of nice shades for about 1000 DKK/ 170$. That’s not at all bad considering the quality. You can also keep adding to your collecting of lenses and nosepieces/earsocks if that floats your boat.

One thing I’d recommend against is getting non-Oakley lenses. They typically use a different nosepiece, so you end up having to carry around several nosepieces. Not cool.

At some point, I’m pretty sure I want the G40 Transition lens – it’s a magical lens that’ll get darker as the sun gets brighter. I hope I get to see it in person though, as the tint of the lens should be experienced.

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