Positive role models

For the vast majority of my adult life I’ve been a complete ass. What I’ve come to learn as I’ve grown older is that it’s actually much more fun (and challenging) to be a nice guy. I’m still struggling though – no doubt about that. This post and this blog is part of the process and I’ve got a long way to go.


Positive role models is why great gyms have a synergistic effect on the people who train there. They’re the reason a team of good players can become great, the reason a great team can become unbeatable.

Through rough patches in my life when I’ve wanted to change something about my personality I’ve relied heavily on role models among my friends. I can happily say that I look up to each and every one of my friends in one way or another. The easiest way of learning is the way we learned pretty much all the essentials – by imitation.

As you grow older and have kids, most people start to think about what they want to pass on. I know for a damned fact I don’t want to pass on what I used to be.


Adopting a positive mindset and trying to help people around you is contagious. Instead of hitting people in the head and telling them they’re stupid, I’ve started this blog to try to help people. Just the other day, a friend of mine said something to the extent of: “free gifts are often the most valuable ones”. Though it sounds a bit like something from a fortune cookie, I kind of like it.

Do the little things – smile at a store clerk, help an elderly cross the street or just help a random person for no reason at all. It’ll start snowballing soon enough. Something as simple as a smile, a few kind words or the right questions at the right time might make somebody’s day.

I’m not giving you advice because I’m better than you. I’m doing it because I’ve done more stupid shit in my life. Trust me.

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