Slow down

You’re probably rushing. You’re probably busy. You’re probably in a hurry to do something.

Or maybe you’re not? Maybe you’ve just convinced yourself that you’re all important and that you need to be all kinds of things. You really don’t and besides, what good is having all the treasures in the world, if you’re not present in the moment to notice them? If you’re always busy being busy, you’re probably rushing through life, missing half of it.

In lifting, a great way to focus on quality and mastery instead of quantity is to slow things down deliberately. Instead of always focusing on moving more weight faster, try to change your approach on a lift you’re struggling with for a period (4-6 weeks) – I guarantee you’ll see good results.

There are many ways of manipulating tempo, the most common ones being slow eccentrics and paused reps. While I’m a big fan of pausing, slowing the movement itself down is a better tool for improving the movement.

Applying a 3-4s down, 3-4s up tempo on one weekly squat session will dramatically improve your positional awareness throughout the movement and probably add some muscle mass as well. For the strength trainee I think the 2-6 rep range works very well.

A word of warning though, slow eccentrics is the best way to make yourself incredibly sore, so start out real easy and allow yourself to adapt to the new stimulus before you go nuts.

Stay strong friends.



Control tempo to master movement

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