Stop worrying

Seriously, stop worrying.

It’s extremely common for people to worry about events that are out of their control. To make assumptions based on weird “logic”. To try to come up with reasons without really having any knowledge of a given situation.

Right now, I’m sending out tons and tons of job applications and basically doing whatever I can to find a job. Obviously I get a magnitude of rejections, but instead of beating myself up over a specific application and how I worded it, I simply take it as what it is and move on. Getting rejected does not mean you’re a bad person or that you’re not competent enough. It simply means that the person in charge of recruiting believes somebody else would be a better fit. There are about a bazillion parameters in play, so it doesn’t really make sense try to work it out by yourself. In a situation like that you have to options – either contact the person responsible or move on.

Obviously, if there are specific issues that you know for a fact can be improved – get busy.

The same method applies to life in general. People obsess and over-interpret text messages from partners all the time. We let our minds get carried away and get extremely irrational.

Try to consciously remind yourself whenever you’re guessing and/or interpreting external circumstances that you essentially aren’t in a position to interpret. Simply bringing to your own attention that your mind is about to run off with you into Lala-land is a huge step towards being in control of your impulses.

OR….. You can just do what Dharma from the TV-show Dharma and Greg suggests: “put it in a bubble and blow it away”.

Whatever you do try to be conscious of your decisions. <3


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