Dan John’s “Intervention” – a(nother) book review.

Just four short days ago I got Intervention in the mail. I managed to sneak in quite a bit of reading time over those four days, but the book is very easy to read and understand. But it’ll grow on you as you apply its principles.

If you don’t already know DJ, you’re missing out. He’s a phenomenal writer and an absolute top-tier coach.

It’s very hands-on and practical and offers a ten question checklist and five principles you can apply to anybody. Very easy to use, but amazingly precise and innovative in its own simplistic way. That’s the beauty of DJ’s writings. Everybody can understand it, but getting to the realizations yourself might take a lifetime of training. Speaking of lifetimes of training, DJ has one on his resume and it shows.

This is by far THE best book on coaching myself and others I’ve read for a long time, and I’d say it’s a must-read for ANYONE who teaches any kind of fitness at any level. It’s that good.

It’s the kind of book you read and re-read several times over an extended period, because it’ll grow with you. It also doubles as a great source for looking up specifics.

This actually reminds me I need to read Never Let Go again. For aspiring coaches and self-trained athletes, I suggest you get Intervention first and work with the principles for some time. Never Let Go can be used for added flavoring.

The book is just extremely well-written with a great approach to teaching the five basic movements (push, pull, hinge, squat and carry).

Read it soon rather than later.

Books, books and more books.

I’ve now dedicated an entire page on the blog to books. I’ll post short updates as I chew my way through books and/or remember good ones I read in the past.

You can find the page here.

I probably wont spam the blog too much with updates on that page, so check in occasionally for inspiration.

Happy reading.


Great reads part 1

Summer is coming up and you need something to read at the pool. Look no further, the Famous Brother delivers again. 😀

As anyone who’s been to our place can attest – I like books.


Here’s a quick list of five of my favorite books:

  1. Purposeful Primitive by Marty Gallagher. Incredible book with great stories about great lifters as well as an endless amount of sound training advice from a lifetime under the bar. Gallagher is real.
  2. Zen in the art of writing by Ray Bradbury. Though it’s (duh) a book about writing, there’s alot to be learned for anyone in a creative (or any) line of work.
  3. The Art of Manliness by Brett and Kate McKay. An easy to read guide to being a man. Includes tips on how to start a fire and what kind of hat to wear.
  4. Without Conscience by Dr Robert D. Hare. A great look into the minds of psychopaths. It’s educational, frightening and catching.
  5. The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart. This is a crazy book. As the title suggests, it tells the story of a man, who makes life decisions by casting a dice. Wildly entertaining and thought provoking.

If you have any recommendations, post them to comments.