Rationality. Be rational!!

Rationality doesn’t exist. There I said it.



Let me clarify – rationality as some kind of factual an omnipresent truth does not exist. There is no right or wrong way to perceive a situation.

Contextuality is everything and acknowledging this is extremely important.

What does this non-sense mean? How does it apply to training?

Though Rollins famously said “200 lbs is always 200 lbs”, I’ll add something to that: “200 lbs is never gonna feel like 200 lbs”. Every time you pick up a given weight, it’s gonna feel different. Every time you eat a given meal, it’s gonna taste different. Every time you hug your loved one, is gonna feel different.

We’re constantly changing and our emotional states influence our perception of the world to an extreme degree. That’s why we put numbers on weight plates. That way, if you load up 201 lbs, you KNOW it’s heavier than the 200 lbs you lifted yesterday. It might feel lighter, it might feel heavier and it might feel exactly the same.

Martin Rooney said to me: you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Measuring the right things consistently will make a huge difference in your training in as little as four weeks.

Some suggestions that’ll help you establish a good base:

  • Weight on the bar. (this one’s a given for most)
  • Bodyweight (+waist measurement)
  • Heartrate for cardiovascular training
  • Calorie consumption

Don’t rely on your irrational perception of the world. Use numbers – they work. 🙂

Oh and give someone a big warm hug today (but please don’t just randomly hug a stranger).