My visit to Parisi Speed School, Fair Lawn, New Jersey

During my recent trip to New York, I was fortunate enough to get to train at Parisi’s Speed School with TFW-legend and world champion deadlifter Rich Sadiv. If you don’t know who Rich is, this clips speaks for itself (by the way, he’s 45 in the clip):



Anyways, we took the 160 out to Jersey and had a great conversation with the bus driver. As decent food is hard to come by around Times Square, I had to make due with strong coffee, trail mix and Cliff bars.

The gym itself is great. Huge turf, running tracks, great weight area, lots of freaks.

I trained with Rich and Chris, both ~700lbs deadlifters, and we did a good volume upper session. Though it obviously would’ve been great to see Rich (and Chris) deadlift, we’re pretty much at the same level in the presses, so it worked pretty well. Swiss bar, dumbbells, pushups, more dumbbells, more pushups and some triceps. Oh and a weird apparatus designed to kill my arms with lactic acid.

After the workout I got a fantastic shake, that tasted like gains (and peanut/banana/chocolate – YUM!).

ParisiThe training was great and left me sore for days, but what really made this day one to remember was Rich. He’s first and foremost a very very nice guy, who made me feel right at home in his house. On top of that, he has some very nice insights on training from a lifetime spent in the weight room. Rich picked up his first weights right around the time I was born.

It’s obvious that he knows what he’s talking about. Rich has an aura of experience and knowledge around him, and every word he says is pure gold. Since the second I stepped out of Parisi’s to head home, I’ve regretted that I didn’t keep my mouth shut and ears open some more, but that’s a work in progress and I’ve gotten better.

Rich also invited me to join him for deadlifts the following day, but we had to catch the flight home, just five short hours after training. I’ll be back though.

After training, the wife and I went sightseeing at the local K-Mart, where I managed to pick up a decent lumberjack shirt and two plain sweatshirts all for about $17. Gotta love the US (especially when you get out of the city).

If it wasn’t for Martin Rooney, that day wouldn’t have happened. Martin, like Rich, is an extremely giving person, and I’m truly grateful for everything they’ve done for me. Though I know it’s in no way expected, I hope to be able to repay them in some way at some point. For now, telling you how great a place Rich runs and how great Martin’s teachings are is the best I can do.

I’ve previously posted about role models, and I’m very happy I’ve got people like Rich and Martin to keep me on the right track.

One last thing – Rich shared some very secret secrets with me on training partners. Blog post on the topic coming up soonish.