Weightgainers help you gain weight. It’s that simple right? Well yes and no. Weightgainers will indeed help you gain weight, if you’re in a calorific surplus, but if you’re not, they wont. Just like “fatburners” wont burn fat, weightgainers wont pile on the muscle. A weightgainer is a simple product made of protein powder with added sugar. Lots of added sugar. Looking at a random product (Mutant Mass) you’ll see that:

  • One serving is 260g powder. 260!! and 1060kcal. Obviously, if you follow that, most people will gain. Problem is, you’ll ,most likely end up in a huge surplus and get fat.
  • 52g protein, which is solid in itself. It comes with a whopping 182g of carbs though. While I do like my carbs, a silly amount like this will make most people drowsy.

As you can see – if you follow the instructions on the tub, you’ll most likely end up getting fat. Surprise – weightgainers will not magically make you gain 100% muscle. It’s a product that can help you gain weight. Thing is, there are many other products on the market that does this just as well, but without filling you with cheap sugars.


In this recent post, I listed a couple of “supplements” for gaining weight, however I’ll give you a few more tips on healthier options for gaining:

  • Add some olive oil to all of your shakes, salads and whatever. You can also throw down olive oil shots if you’re silly. Make sure it’s a good quality oil.
  • Milk. <3
  • Try some adding peanutbutter or coconutmilk to a shake.
  • A simple homemade healthier weightgainer option is protein powder and blended oats.
  • Eat DURING your workout. I’ve found that I can eat a protein bar or throw down a shake during my workout without it filling me up.

Gaining weight is easy – that’s why half of the western world is dying of obesity. Why the hell are we making such a big deal out of it? Eat more, but stick to relatively good foods. It’s not that hard.


Supplements that work!

Today I’m gonna give you a secret list of supplements that really work.

We’re all looking for if not shortcuts, then at least the easiest way to our goals. Nothing wrong with that – deliberately taking detours for no reason is idiotic.


Supplement companies have capitalized on this ever since training with weights became mainstream. TV-Shop type supplements that guarantee all sort of silly shit are selling like zombies at Zefside. So people end up focusing on all the wrong things.

So this is a reminder of what works. Time tested, scientifically proven. Beyond discussion – this is not a matter of opinion. These supplements just plain work.

The first three are training related:

  1. Consistency
  2. Progression
  3. Determination

To gain significant strength and size, you need all of the above. You’re not gonna blow up and get “too big” overnight. Eating to gain is no joke and effective training is hard work. Hard work over an extended period. Not 2-3 times a week in theory but only once or twice in reality. At the very least two quality sessions per week, week in week out. Consistently.


As for the nutrition? I’ll give you my top three nutritional supplements for a “normal” diet and add in two bonus supplements for when you want to gain weight:

  1. Eggs. Delicious and nutritious. Eat more eggs.
  2. Meat. Same as above.
  3. Broccoli. We all know we should eat more of this. Can be substituted with kale, spinach, cabbage, brussels sprouts or something similar.
  4. Milk. Easy calories – great for a normal diet, even better for adding weight.
  5. Chocolate milk. As above and then some. High in sugar makes it even easier to get a lot of calories down, though it’s not the healthiest option in the world.

That’s it. Supplements that really work. Take your normal diet and training, add these supplements and you’ll see amazing results in as little as a couple of months.

Nutritional supplements

Let me start this thing off by listing some of the supplements I’ve taken myself.

Herbal: tribulus terrestris, cissus quadrangularis, rhodiola rosea, horny goat weed, green tea, white tea, grape seed extract, celery seed extract, guarana, yohimbine, resveratrol

Vitamins/minerals: D, B, C, zinc, magnesium

Amino acids and other things: taurine, tyrosine, citruline malate, beta-alanine, caffeine, synephrine, DMAE, DMAA, AAKG, OAKG, ALCAR, glucosamine, MSM, ephedrine, synephrine, D-ribose, alpha-lipoic acid, CLA, probiotics, HMB, glutamine, glutamine peptides, creatine (CEE, monohydrate, tri-creatine malate),

Other (weird) shit: Raspberry ketones, policosanol,

Foodlike supps: BCAA, protein powder (whole egg, eggwhite, rice, whey, milk, cassein), oats, maltodextrine, dextrose, WMS, greens blend, reds blend, fish oil, avocado oil, flax seed.


You know what? This list isn’t even complete. I could add a couple of handfuls of different pre, post and peri workout products as well as other shit. I’ve taken huge amounts of supplements and hoped for insta-gains.

Which ones do I use today? I use a protein powder regularly. Not because I can’t hit a decent level of protein through food, but out of convenience. I also use oats regularly and fish oil regularly. Again this is out of convenience – you don’t really need to add carbs to anything, since getting them is so easy. Occasionally I take ZMA before bed, because it knocks me out cold and makes me sleep like a baby. I also drink coffee, but never after late afternoon.

So which supplements would I recommend to you? That’s a good question.

Focus on tightening up your diet and I promise you, you’ll see much better results. A full month of clean eating will do more for you than any (legal) supplement in the world.

I have yet to come across a supplement that did what it said on the box. That said, the following supplements have been good to me:

  • Quality fish oil.
  • Zma (for sleep, not anaboliXXxx muscle!).
  • Protein powder (for convenience).

Once you have a set plan and follow it, you can experiment with different supps to see what works for you. One at a time, for a set period of time. Supps I’d recommend you test out are:

  • Creatine
  • BCAA (especially if you train fasted)
  • Beta alanine

Keep it simple, focusing on and mastering the basics is the only true shortcut. A solid eating plan will outperform any supplement regime ten times out of ten.

One last thing: shiny labels and big name bodybuilders promoting a product usually means one thing – overpriced product. Buy the bulk products where you know what you’re getting. A simple whey protein is pretty much all you need.