Going on vacation part 3 – the training

Time for the good stuff, eh?

First of all, I wanna make something perfectly clear. When on a vacation, you’re DELOADING. That means, you’re not gonna follow your regular program and you’re not gonna expect to get a decent workout in. Hotel gyms are shit, so you’re gonna have to wing it. Here’s the main reasons for training on a vacation:

  • Avoid too crazy soreness when you return.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Keep weight in check.

So with that in mind, you’re gonna have to look at the equipment available and make the most of it.


Unless you’ve really struck out (this is why you brought bands for pushups/upper back and jump rope), you should have access to the following:

  • Treadmill: put on a nice incline and set it at 15-20kph. Do 15s on/45s off sets of sprints. 5-10 should be good. Warm up properly.
  • Benchpress: do 5 sets of 10 with a medium weight – get some blood flowing. Superset with barbell rows using same bar.
  • DBs up to 20ish KG. Usable for: High rep DB presses and chest-supported rows.
  • If you’re really lucky you’ll have a dipping/chinning station, if you do you should just camp there and do a ton of reps.

Stick to compound lifts, do 5 sets of ten and take really short breaks. You could even throw in a barbell complex if you have there’s room for it. Notice that I didn’t put in any legwork – sore legs and various activities is a bad match – keep your focus on the vacation part of “vacation training”.

Training on a vacation is supposed to be easyish and not take up a ton of time (or space in your suitcase). Get in, get it done and get back to the pool. Enjoy your vacation – you probably didn’t spend a fortune to go see the inside of a crappy hotel fitness room.

Going on vacation part 2 – packing list

You’re getting ready to go, but you’re wondering what to bring. Have no fear, the famous brother is here!!! 🙂

luggage full and ready to travel

You can relatively easy and without having to bring another suitcase carry a few simple training tools on your vacation. This is what I’d recommend:

  • Lacrosse ball. This will come in handy after sleeping 2 hours in a shitty plane seat.
  • Foam roller. Either something similar to More Mile Beast Foam Roller 33cm, or a homemade PVC version. Doubles as safe storage if you buy anything fragile while away.
  • Gymboss or a similar timer.
  • A light and a medium band.
  • A set of straps – hotel gym bars are usually shit.
  • Jump rope.

One thing you’ll notice is that all of these things are light and don’t take up much space, yet they’ll allow you to get a bit of training and mobility work done.

Next part in this series will go more in-depth with the training itself. Stay tuned!


Going on vacation part 1

Hey guys.

After spending all of last week on my back in Egypt, I’m back with tons of new topics. Where ever I go, I always bring a notepad and a pen, since my mind always seems to overload me with ideas, thoughts and plans. This week, I’ll dedicate a few posts to making the most of your vacations, training wise and relaxation wise. So sit back, let your mind drift on to your next vacation and read on.


The tip of the day is a really simple one, that I’ve touched on before. It’s not really training related, but then again it is. To fully enjoy my vacation, I keep my cellphone in flight mode 90%+ of the time. I brought my tablet, but only used it to read up on details of Beyond 531. On day three, I realized I was still thinking about what was going on on this blog (even though I’d scheduled articles to publish throughout the week) and on Facebook too much, and decided to pull the plug and go 100% offline for a day.


I ended up leaving my phone in the safety box in the room for three days, only taking it out to use the meditation timer two times in that period. I obviously kept it in flight mode, to avoid distractions.

At first, this might seem drastic, and you’ll find yourself reaching for your phone for the first day, but unplugging completely makes such a huge difference. Not only for you, but also for the people you’re with.

Next time you’re on vacation, try leaving your phone in the safety box as much as possible – preferably for stretches of 2 days or more. The longer the better. This also includes internetting from the hotel or whatever. Go completely offline and spend your time with a good book or your loved ones. You’ll be amazed at how relieving it is.