Training for weight loss

A lot of people train just to be able to eat a little more and to keep their midsection in check. That’s a great goal to have and obviously a lot better than just leaving it to itself. The problem is – most people really don’t know how to do this most efficiently.

If you look at people’s salaries, I’d bet most people would prefer a minor monthly increase to a yearly bonus. Thing is, when they turn to training, they end up in the opposite camp.

Going for a run to lose fat, is the performance-based bonus check at work. Good when you get it, but not something you would depend on, due to its irregularity. If you don’t perform well a certain period of time, you lose the income and you’re screwed.


The bonus is a really nice thing, provided you’ve got a steady income locked down.

With weight loss it’s exactly the same. Cardio is the irregular bonus, while increasing strength and muscle is the same as improving your steady income. Increased strength and muscle not only boosts your resting metabolism, it also increases the amount of weight you can train with, which means more calories burned. Not only that, but adding some muscle will actually in 9 out of 10 cases help you reach your goals.

Whereas regular cardio such as running will burn a good deal of calories while you’re out there, as soon as you don’t have time – you’re not gonna burn those calories.

Cardio is a great way to burn a bit extra, in short concentrated intervals, but focusing your training on building strength and muscle is by far the most efficient and reliable way to keep the midline in check.

“But I don’t want to get too big!!!” – trust me you’re not going to! To increase muscle mass by a significant amount, you’re gonna need to dedicate your training and eating. You’re not gonna get too big by accident.

Focus on strength, season with cardio and keep the ratio around 75/25 – that’s the most reliable way to keep the midline under control.

The easiest way to lose weight

I give you the easiest way to lose weight….

Don’t get fat in the first place, bro!

Letting yourself slide into fatness is not good. I’ve been there myself and I wont recommend it. Sure, you’ll get strong during a hard bulk, but you can get strong without it too. You gotta remember why you’re doing this and what your goals are.

You’re probably not training to:

  • Be as strong as humanly possible (seriously, don’t even use the words “humanly possible” unless you’re on tons of PEDs as well as obscene amounts of food.
  • Feel like shit whenever you have to ride your bike or walk somewhere.
  • Get fat.


What you are (probably) training to:

  • Look good.
  • Feel good.
  • Live longer.
  • Satisfy your competitiveness.

So keep your goals in mind and plan accordingly. Keep it tight and don’t let yourself slide. Being somewhat leanish makes everyday life so much easier.

I’m not talking about being sub 8% bodyfat year round, far from. However, letting your bodyfat get into the 20ies really isn’t desirable for most people.

So this is a reminder to go back to your why, and maybe adjust accordingly if you’ve gotten off track a bit.

Have a great day. <3


Dieting done right

We’re flooded with bad advice on dieting and temptations are everywhere. It’s no wonder so many people want to lose weight. However if you know where to look, the internet has loads of information on how to diet right.

A buddy and colleague of mine Philip decided he wanted to recomp a bit and up his awesomeness-factor. You can follow his journey here.


So what is it exactly Philip is doing that is so “right”?

  • First and most importantly, he’s picked a sensible time frame. Everybody can focus on a goal for 30 days.
  • Clearly defined goals. Good goals too – get 8.5 hours of sleep, eat clean (high protein/greens, carbs around training, no booze) and train hard. None of this loose x kilos bullshit. Make the journey the goal and I promise you it’ll be much easier.
  • Daily blog posts. While this may seem weird to some, it’s all about accountability. Philip has told the entire internet and his 1300 “friends” on Facebook that he’s doing this. Obviously with so many people holding you up to your word, you’re gonna do everything in your power to stick with it.
  • NOT OVERCOMPLICATING! He’s not following some weird diet, counting calories or some other shit like that. I guarantee you that if you follow the above guidelines, your body composition will change for the better.

Three simple points (and a little bonus because I’m so generous), that’ll make your diet a lot easier.

Much love <3

This should always come before diet

Losing weight is always gonna be a big thing. However way too many people simply suck at setting themselves up for a good successful diet. In this post I’ll outline some simple advice that’ll make sure your diet goes well.

Starting out, you need to form good habits, before you can even think of dieting. Look here for inspiration or check out these bullet points:

  • Eat veg. If you’re not already consuming at least 500g of veg a day, you have no business talking about diet.
  • Stop eating cake/candy/ice cream every day. If you can’t steer clear of refined sugar for at least five days a week, there’s no reason to go on a diet.
  • Train with regularity. If you’re not hitting the gym 3+ on average over an extended period of time, work on getting that fixed.


If you’ve got all that covered, it’s time to set you up for the diet itself – three more bullet points will help you get that done in a good way:

  • Set a specific, measurable goal. MAKE IT REALISTIC! Aim for about ½kg weight loss per week.
  • Fat loss should be done in 4-6 week spurts. Dieting for more than six weeks shouldn’t be necessary. If it is, hit it hard for six weeks, cruise for two and go back on for six. Remember – nothing worth having will come overnight, so embrace the grind.
  • Don’t go nuts with the training, but try to move about a little more than usually. Evening walks in the summer is great for this.

So there you have it. Losing weight is really simple if you do it right. Most people don’t and that’s why the human race is eating itself to death. Take a stand, be awesome, join the resistance!

Calorie management

Last year my girlfriend arranged a surprise birthday party for me. Needless to say, quite a few of my friends train. What happened wasn’t really a surprise to me, but it came as a huge surprise to my girlfriend. See, nobody touched or even looked at the regular sugar-filled soda. Everybody drank diet. So far so good.

As for the cake though, she’d made three huge and delicious cakes. Every last crumble was eaten. Nothing left behind.


Why was that so predictable? We make the most of our calories. Living an ultra-strict lifestyle is not something most of us can do. Personally I try to eat really well most of the time, but when I do “cheat” I get the really good stuff. I’m not gonna waste calories on soda, winegums or cheap chocolate. I’m gonna eat the delicious cake, and I’m gonna feel like the fucking world champion of cake eating while doing it. Afterwards I’m gonna drink my coffee with cream and I’m gonna wear a big fat grin while doing it.

The next morning though, I’ll be out running hills hard and I’ll get back to eating well.


When I eat, it’s a conscious choice. I never eat for comfort or because somebody put some chips in front of me. If I get cravings, I drink the biggest glass of water I can get my hands on. That usually fixes the problem. If I have plain whey protein powder with a tolerable flavor, I might use that, but I rarely do. 25-30g of whey would do the trick.

There’s always room for cake, even on a tight diet. It’s just a matter of priorities and if you choose to prioritize cake, burger or whatever your fix is, you’d better fucking own it. Eat that burger like you’re the all-eating Elvis Presley of the modern world. Don’t whine and bitch to me about how you had too much cake. Make a decision and be proud of it. It’s not your “fault” you had cake – it was your decision, own it!

So in essence, this is about bad conscience. Having a plan and following it will eliminate that.

Work hard, play hard.

Love Famez <3