The Crossfit miracle

If you’ve been around the Crossfit (and weight training) scene for some time, you’ll start to notice a trend. A sad trend.

People are getting injured.

I’m pretty sure that’s not why they train in the first place.

CF brought a lot of good things to the table, but the one-sided focus on “moving things from A to B” also created some issues. See when you’re pressing a lot and mostly using momentum to pull with, all the little muscles controlling the scapula gets neglected. That’s why a lot of CFers have shoulder blades sticking out like this:


That’s bad news. It’s an injury waiting to happen.

On the upside though, a few simple things will go a long way. These three points will drastically improve your shoulder function and reduce the risk of injury:

  1. Do some kind of exercise where you focus on retracting the shoulder blades EACH workout.
  2. Balance out your pressing and pulling. If you’re doing 4x as much pressing as you are pulling (a lot of CFers are), things are gonna get ugly fast.
  3. For back work like BOR, focus on working the muscles and not just moving the weight. A one second pause at the top of the moment helps accomplish this.

Implementing YTWL as part of your warmup and doing band pull aparts between sets of presses will go a long way, but don’t forgot to train your back hard and heavy too. Nobody ever built a big back with bands and small dumbbells.

Give yourself about a month of following these three simple principles, and you have probably fixed that nagging shoulder pain of yours.

Have a great day, talk to you soon


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