The Deck of Death

I actually hate that name with a passion, though I like the idea on a couple of levels.

First, let me explain what it is:

I took a deck of cards and wrote a whole bunch of stuff on them. Whenever I have an extra ten minutes and some energy after training, I draw a card. So what’s on those cards? for me it’s a combination of mobility, cardio and weakpoint training.


This accomplishes two things – you identify your weakpoints and feel like you address them (by putting them on the cards) AND you actually address them, albeit at random. Ideally you’d draw a card after each workout. Over time you will end up addressing the things you prioritize in your deck.

These are the guidelines I follow for all cards:

  • No more than 10 minutes tops.
  • No heavy loading. Preferably bodyweight stuff.
  • Easy to recover from, so no “how many lunges kan you do in ten minutes” card.
  • No strength work.

What I did was split the deck according to priorities. Some of you might want to have 50% mobility, 30% prehab and 20% cardio, while others would use other ratios. Analyze how your time would be best spent, and split the cards accordingly. You might have to use the same exercises on more than one card if you have a specific issue.

Just for inspiration, I’ll list my categories and a couple of sample cards from them:

1. Cardio (25%): 1k C2 for time (though I’ve trashed this card as my psoas doesn’t like the rower). 10x 30s on/30s off KB swings/burpees.

2. Wellness (40%): 10 min foamroll. Sumo groin mob and split stretch against wall.

3. Weakpoints(35%): 5×10 biceps/triceps. 5 sets of abs and grip.

If you’re a CFer you could throw in some cards with skills on them. Remember to keep it light. This could be 10 minutes of handstand/pistols practice.

This is a fun little way to help you identify and address weakpoints, though the base format is obviously a bit random. In the perfect world, you’d put down all your issues and address them in a methodical way, but for most people the element of surprise in the cards keeps them entertained. 🙂

Have a great one. <3

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