The easiest way to lose weight

I give you the easiest way to lose weight….

Don’t get fat in the first place, bro!

Letting yourself slide into fatness is not good. I’ve been there myself and I wont recommend it. Sure, you’ll get strong during a hard bulk, but you can get strong without it too. You gotta remember why you’re doing this and what your goals are.

You’re probably not training to:

  • Be as strong as humanly possible (seriously, don’t even use the words “humanly possible” unless you’re on tons of PEDs as well as obscene amounts of food.
  • Feel like shit whenever you have to ride your bike or walk somewhere.
  • Get fat.


What you are (probably) training to:

  • Look good.
  • Feel good.
  • Live longer.
  • Satisfy your competitiveness.

So keep your goals in mind and plan accordingly. Keep it tight and don’t let yourself slide. Being somewhat leanish makes everyday life so much easier.

I’m not talking about being sub 8% bodyfat year round, far from. However, letting your bodyfat get into the 20ies really isn’t desirable for most people.

So this is a reminder to go back to your why, and maybe adjust accordingly if you’ve gotten off track a bit.

Have a great day. <3


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