The proactive damage control diet

So you’ve booked your summer holiday and you just know you’re gonna get a bit of post-holiday gut going. Gaining about 3-5 kg is pretty much standard for me even though I take precautions. One of the main culprits is ice cream but eating out every day will put weight on most people.

So in addition to the tips in the post mentioned above, I’ve added another weapon in my arsenal – the proactive damage control diet. The goal of this diet is to a) make you look better for the holiday pics and b) minimize the amount of weight you have to diet off when you get home.

What it is:

When you have a planned period of overeating it makes sense to have a planned period of undereating. This is a panic diet and not a long term solution. This is for when you’re flying out in 10-14 days and need damage control.


You’re gonna drastically limit the amount of food you eat for the last week or two leading up to the holiday. Don’t go full retard, but try to get into a deficit of around 1k kcal/day. Key points:

  • Keep protein high. Protein saves muscle. Muscle is good.
  • Eat as much veg as possible. Veg fills you up, has few kcals.
  • Limit carbs as much as possible.


If you do this right, you can drop 3-5 kg in about 14 days. Now some of that is gonna be glycogen and water but that’s unavoidable in a low-carb type diet. Unless you’re an eating machine like I am, that’s gonna be hard work to put back on over a week or two in the sun. Especially if you follow these guidelines.

Final note:

Please don’t be an idiot and use this is an excuse to starve yourself. A big calorie deficit will over time break you down and get cravings. That’s what the holiday is for. Eat with a passion and enjoy the delicious food, wine and ice cream.

2 thoughts on “The proactive damage control diet

  1. I’m afraid i would blow up like a balloon when going from carb deprived to carbfeast. Any thoughts? Should i go lightly on the carbs the first couple of days?

    • Hey John
      Yea I’d probably ease into it a bit even though that kind of defeats the purpose. Either that or accept that blowing up is a natural reaction after draining yourself.
      In general though I’d worry more about enjoying myself on a vacation and then do damage control before and after.

      Have a great summer.

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