Thera Cane review

Last week, my massage therapist lent me his Thera Cane to work on my groin at home. It’s been a nagging problem for me for a couple of years and while real soft tissue work regularly would be ideal, it’s simply not within my budget. I mean, I do get regular massages, but having him focus on my groin each and every time would a) probably get some funny looks after a while 😀 and b) mean the rest of the body wasn’t getting any attention.


So I borrowed the Thera Cane last time I went to see him, and I’ve been using it 2-3 or more times a day for about a week now. I gotta say, it’s simply amazing.

Thing is, the groin is a very hard area to target effectively with a la-X ball, a Rumble Roller, a Sprinter Stick or any of my foam rollers (yes, I’ve tried all those). The hook on the Thera Cane makes it easy to target and apply desired amount of pressure to the groin/hamstring area.

The only issue I see with the Cane is that it doesn’t really fit in a training bag. But that’s about it.

It’s also great for the upper back, but my experience is that I can hit those areas very well with my other tools. Where the Cane really shines is for massaging the groin.

I’ll be getting my own soon – I’ll be giving the borrowed one back this week. 🙁

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