This is holding back your training

Complicated routines are sexy right? Everybody seems to think they are, that’s for sure. The complexity makes you feel like you’re something special – an elite lifter maybe. You’ve probably been training for 10 years and you think an advanced Sheiko cycle is just right for you. Problem is, your best back squat is 125 and you weigh 70 kilo. You’re a beginner. No matter how long you’ve been training for, you’re a beginner.

Now this might bruise your ego a bit, but trust me – everybody I know wants to be a beginner. If you’re squatting 125 at 70 kg getting stronger is sooo easy. You don’t need a cycle lasting several months to put 5kg on your squat. You can increase from week to week.

Same goes for Smolov cycles, GVT, GT10x10 and all those other fancy programs. If you haven’t milked a linear progression program you’d be much better off doing just that. Seriously, you can do all the “super slow eccentric” squats in the world with short rest periods and for tons of reps. But… If you’re doing them with 60kg on the back – you’re not gonna grow much. However if you spend six months getting your strength up to a respectable level, and then do the same workout, you’ll see vastly different results (not that I’d recommend that type of workout to anyone really).

Take a long hard and honest look at your stats. Then consider: would I be able to do a linear progression for maybe 2-3 months? Chances are – the answer is yes.

Invest those couple of months in your future. Get stronger and then use the added strength in your pursuit of hypertrophy or whatever it is you’re chasing.

Have a great weekend.

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