This should always come before diet

Losing weight is always gonna be a big thing. However way too many people simply suck at setting themselves up for a good successful diet. In this post I’ll outline some simple advice that’ll make sure your diet goes well.

Starting out, you need to form good habits, before you can even think of dieting. Look here for inspiration or check out these bullet points:

  • Eat veg. If you’re not already consuming at least 500g of veg a day, you have no business talking about diet.
  • Stop eating cake/candy/ice cream every day. If you can’t steer clear of refined sugar for at least five days a week, there’s no reason to go on a diet.
  • Train with regularity. If you’re not hitting the gym 3+ on average over an extended period of time, work on getting that fixed.


If you’ve got all that covered, it’s time to set you up for the diet itself – three more bullet points will help you get that done in a good way:

  • Set a specific, measurable goal. MAKE IT REALISTIC! Aim for about ½kg weight loss per week.
  • Fat loss should be done in 4-6 week spurts. Dieting for more than six weeks shouldn’t be necessary. If it is, hit it hard for six weeks, cruise for two and go back on for six. Remember – nothing worth having will come overnight, so embrace the grind.
  • Don’t go nuts with the training, but try to move about a little more than usually. Evening walks in the summer is great for this.

So there you have it. Losing weight is really simple if you do it right. Most people don’t and that’s why the human race is eating itself to death. Take a stand, be awesome, join the resistance!

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