Three weeks out

After realizing it’d probably be a good idea to prepare a bit for my upcoming meet, this past week has been dedicated to the three powerlifts. My current structure looks like this:

Day 1: work up to three heavy singles then do backoff. All three lifts. A bit of rows and pullups for support.

Day 2: 5-10 sets of 1-3 reps – this is a light day. Focus on speed.

Day 3: 10 singles. This is a medium day

So all in all what I’m doing is getting in a ton of quality work to work on the setup and moving the bar with good speed. Unlike what I usually do, I’ll be having my last heavy session Monday before lifting on Sunday – I’m pressed for time because I’ve been caught up doing other things.


This week I’ll most likely only train twice as I’m going to the TFW instructors cert 2 at the weekend. I’ll cut out the lightest day and might even go a bit heavier than “medium” on the “medium” day. Since I coach myself (I know, it’s idiotic, but I enjoy playing with my program) I have the option of adjusting on the go.

Weight has stabilized now and I’m focused on maintaining. Great.

One final thing – I’m sorry I don’t update as frequently right now, but I’m at the finishing stage of my Master’s thesis and trying to focus on that as much as possible. I promise I’ll post more regularly in just a couple of weeks.

Have a great week people.


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