Too thin to win?

A couple of years ago I ran into that mantra from a good friend of mine. It was a reference to a movement in CF where athletes became increasingly focused on appearance and, more specifically, abs.

Crossfit was originally marketed as a performance based counter movement to the appearance-based fitness culture. What a load of shit. I don’t think I know anywhere as appearance-centric as Crossfit gyms.

The problem is, if you want single digit bodyfat, performance suffers. For optimal strength and recovery you simply need to focus your eating on performance and not appearance. There’s a reason the only professional athletes that are super ripped are the ones competing in sports with weight classes. Exception to that is extreme endurance athletes, but then again it’s hard to label them as “ripped”. 🙂



Now you’re probably thinking “but Rich Froning….” and that’s a good point. Except for the fact that you’re probably not 1) a mutant and 2) on PEDs.

Simply put – if you’re sporting super chiseled abs, you’re probably hurting your own performance in a major way.

Remember to make the goal the goal. If your goal is to have razor-sharp abs, then that’s fine – I aint judging. If your primary goal is performance though, then try training in the 12-18% bodyfat area for six months and see how much better you’ll perform.

Fuel that engine! 🙂

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