Train to build more than muscle

We understand the world by making generalizations. That is why racism has been such a big thing throughout the history of mankind and why we still to this day put people in little boxes that fit our view of the world. You may think a certain way about people with or without tattoos, about fat people, people with big arms and small legs or something completely different.

We (the general we, not you and I obviously, we’re better than that :p) stigmatize people who are different from ourselves and lifters in general are supposed to be (as they so elegantly put it in Jersey Shore) gorilla juiceheads.

If you have a very muscular physique, you’re obviously compensating for your lack of intelligence. Right?


See actually lifting and pursuing mastery in your profession has a lot in common. Not surprisingly some of the most successful lifters I know are also some of the smartest people I know. Because above anything else if you want to be a successful lifter, you must have (or develop) discipline. Above all else, you have got to be willing to be a little more than the guy next to you. A little more consistent, a little more hard-working a little better at saying no to cakes (or something completely different). “A little more” spread out over many areas equals a lot more.

While some may start lifting to “get ready for the beach” or something similar, you’re not gonna find many lifetime lifters that only see lifting as a means to an end. We enjoy the process. We love being in the gym. And we love being around people who share our passion for discipline.

We embrace the grind and we realize that it takes time to build a big house. In strength and in life, there are no quick fixes.

Strength training builds muscle, but it also builds character.

Next time you’re hiring somebody and you get a jacked applicant – know that this (most likely) a person with great discipline and work ethic – not a stupid meathead.

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