Training for weight loss

A lot of people train just to be able to eat a little more and to keep their midsection in check. That’s a great goal to have and obviously a lot better than just leaving it to itself. The problem is – most people really don’t know how to do this most efficiently.

If you look at people’s salaries, I’d bet most people would prefer a minor monthly increase to a yearly bonus. Thing is, when they turn to training, they end up in the opposite camp.

Going for a run to lose fat, is the performance-based bonus check at work. Good when you get it, but not something you would depend on, due to its irregularity. If you don’t perform well a certain period of time, you lose the income and you’re screwed.


The bonus is a really nice thing, provided you’ve got a steady income locked down.

With weight loss it’s exactly the same. Cardio is the irregular bonus, while increasing strength and muscle is the same as improving your steady income. Increased strength and muscle not only boosts your resting metabolism, it also increases the amount of weight you can train with, which means more calories burned. Not only that, but adding some muscle will actually in 9 out of 10 cases help you reach your goals.

Whereas regular cardio such as running will burn a good deal of calories while you’re out there, as soon as you don’t have time – you’re not gonna burn those calories.

Cardio is a great way to burn a bit extra, in short concentrated intervals, but focusing your training on building strength and muscle is by far the most efficient and reliable way to keep the midline in check.

“But I don’t want to get too big!!!” – trust me you’re not going to! To increase muscle mass by a significant amount, you’re gonna need to dedicate your training and eating. You’re not gonna get too big by accident.

Focus on strength, season with cardio and keep the ratio around 75/25 – that’s the most reliable way to keep the midline under control.

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