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Last week marked the ending of a five week cycle. It’s been great to get back on track and I feel like my plan has worked out very well. Except for the fact that I can’t seem to lose weight. On the upside though, my waist measurement has dropped a couple of cms, and I’m looking a lot tighter.

I’ve been able to train without any issues from my hip, which has been and will continue to be priority number one. If I can stay healthy, I’ll get stronger. It’s that simple.

My best lifts during this cycle were pretty light but I actually managed to make them feel light. 167,5kg on the back squat, 190kg in the conventional deadlift, a couple of triples at 145 in the paused squat and 11 reps at 77,5kg in the press. Nothing too impressive, but a good place to start.


Going forward, I’ll be sticking to training three times a week with an optional weightlifting day and an optional hill sprints day, the split is gonna look like this:

Day 1: Press, more press, chins and dips. This day is all about building the press, so I’ll also do some overhead triceps and possibly some DB/KB presses.

Day 2: Squats, paused squats, deadlifts and deficit sumo deadlifts. Lots of abs and unilateral legwork.

Day 3: Bench press, rows, more rows, upper back and guns. Back/arms day with a bit of bench press thrown in.

Lower body training will focus on getting strength back, while remaining healthy. Hypertrophy is not a priority at this point. Abs are a weakpoint, so they get extra work. Volume stays pretty much the same as for the past five weeks as that’s worked very well for me. Same with frequency – only squatting once a week has been good.

As for upper body, the bench press is back. I’ve also moved the chins to my pressing day, as I found it a bit too easy. Bench press will be programmed based on a conservative max, but this cycle should reintroduce some good weights on the other three lifts. After this cycle I’ll have a very good idea of what to expect from my next meet in November.

I’ve made another minor modification to the split and switched days 1 and 2. The reason for this is that I usually run hills during the weekend, and with only one weekly lower body day, I figured it was silly to do it so close to hill sprints.

Apart from that, I’m really enjoying training only three times a week (+hills +weightlifting), and the 5 week cycle was really good for me. I’ll be using a 9 week cycle based on the same principles (three singles and some backoff volume). This’ll also help me figure out how to plan the cycle leading up to TSK Cup in November.

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  1. Got nothing to say really..just want you to know that i enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.
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