Wendler 531 Cycle three week one wrap-up

Deload done. My deloads need to be shorter – had ~10 days which is way too much.

Press: 6@77,5kg – this is bad. Bench was fine, though I managed to fail a rep in the pinky grip figure-8. Roll of shame. Duh.

Did backwork as a triset batwings->chins->BOR which was ok. As soon as I get my lower back 100% I need to do some heavy backwork instead of all this dicking around though.

Managed to close the level 3 progression from CC on pullups and pushups, as well as level 2 on squats. Still on level 1 for HSPU (headstands) and level 2 for bridges. This is fine though as the book actually suggest you wait with these two. Headstands are tough when you try to support as little as possible with the hands.

Squat: Wasn’t really expecting to move mountains, as my SI-joint is still off. Getting it fixed before DL-day though. 5@145kg with relative ease. 3×5@110kg paused as backoff.

Managed to close level 2 bridging, level 3 HLR and level 1 grip. Yay.

Cardio: Saturday morning hill sprints and bodyweight stuff. Got in some quality work on clutch holds and my squat progression. Did short sprints, sprints with flying start and played around with changing direction too. Worked up a good sweat. 🙂

Bench: kept bench at just an easy 5@100 and went a bit heavier on the figure-8s instead. Up to 5@117,5kg. Did batwings and weighted chins as support as well as some easy easy work on the BW progressions. Finally managed to crack 120s headstand, so that’s good.

Finished off with neck, gut and grip.

Deadlift: 5@167,5kg was easy. Ready to push it now. Support was really good as well.

I’ve reached the first “real” bridging” exercise, and it feels fantastic. So excited. Finished up with some abs and grip. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Wendler 531 Cycle three week one wrap-up

  1. A few q’s for the guru:

    1) Batwings, chins & BOR vs. “heavy backwork”??
    2) CC?
    3) What’s the idea for loading your head & neck in a headstand instead of the arms?
    4) What’s with all that gymnastics? I thought you were a powerlifter B-)
    5) When do you usually run hill sprints? (I’d like to join sometime)


    • Heeeeeello!
      1) Been using low weights on the rows in particular and focusing on control and speed (slow speed that is) to mix it up a bit. I’m gonna loosen the form up a bit on the BORs and add some weight.
      2) Convict Conditioning. A fantastic book on progressive calisthenics.
      3. Strengthening the neck.
      4) It’s not gymnastics, it’s calisthenics. I touched on the subject in the blog post Bodyweight Bonanza. It’s a nice change of pace to do some bodyweight stuff for support. I’d say I spend around 15-20 minutes on it, so it’s just a minor component. I compete in powerlifting but that doesn’t mean all I do is squat, bench and deadlift. 🙂
      5) Saturdays and sundays at 7 am. Though this Saturday will probably be the last time before TSK Cup in the last weekend of November.

      <3 <3

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