Wendler 531 Cycle three week two wrap-up

It’s on now. This week is the last hard push towards TSK Cup.

Press: 5 reps at 82,5kg – this is good. Really happy.Followed up with benchpress and figure-8 benches. Did batwings and chins for support.

Closed level 4 pushups and pullups which means I get to do full pushups and pullups now. Yay. Also got 4 sets of uneven hangs as well as some crow stands and extra ab stuff. A very good training day.

Cardio: 686kcals burned in an hour doing light sprints and BW exercises. Managed a 5 s hang in the diagonal split clutch hold and put in some very asexual work on pullups, pushups and squats. All in all a good little session, though it’s a bit annoying that it wasn’t dark outside at 7am. I prefer doing my morning sessions in pitch black darkness.

Squat: Horrible horrible workout. Got 3@155 and then went on to fail at 170 lol. Oh well, rather have an embarrassing fail at the gym than on the platform. Support included 12x120kg RDL, some PSQ, GHR and abs. Went home to get a nap and some (alot of) food. I’m pissed now.

And that workout right there made me do something I should’ve done at least 5-7 weeks out – end this cycle.

However, I was having a ton of fun so I stuck with it and figured I’d see how I felt on meet day. Now I’ve got less than three weeks to fix this trainwreck. Shit just got interesting. 🙂

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