Wendler 531 Cycle two week one wrap-up

.Started the cycle off with a few days of unintentional deload due to a sore throat. Nothing that stopped me from working, but I’d rather take a couple of days off from the gym and avoid a potential round of real illness. On to the training…

Press: 8 reps at 77,5kg. Not that good considering I did 11 in June. I probably had a rep more in me today, but didn’t really psyche up or anything because of the “deload”.

Played with the band setup on figure-8s and found a good position. Huge improvement here. Backoff press was a bit too heavy and bench suffered because of that. Will fix this as focus is on bench right now.

For back work I did batwings and paused pullups and paused BOR.

Random-Brandon :-D

Random-Brandon 😀

Squat: squatting was great and I got 10@142,5kg. Paused squats, GHR, BSS and situps as support. Great session really.

Also did farmer’s walk up to 25m+turn+5m with 100kg in each hand and 5x 15/15m high/low prowler @100kg total weight.

Benchpress: Got 13@97,5kg and decided to add some weight and got 5 solid reps at 110kg. Easy. Two sets of five with the figure 8 at 110 and 120 and some paused benches. Everything really solid. Batwings, BOR and pullups for support.

Three lanes of OH carry and three sets of front bridge to finish up. Great session.

Cardio: I went for a 3-4km walk with my 20kg vest on. I forgot how tiring that thing is.

Deadlift: 10 reps at 162,5 was cardio. <3

Have adjusted my DL, to avoid a whiplash-like movement when putting the bar down. More controlled eccentrics are hard. Deficit pulls were great, and the block pulls were very tough indeed – have switched to doing them with a snatchgrip, which just increases the nastyness. Finished up with goblet squats, GHR and farmer’s walk. Great day at the Lab  with Queen Panda.

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