Wendler 531 Cycle two week three wrap-up

Final week of the six-week cycle.

Press: only got 4 at 85kg, which is ass. Got the fifth halfway up. Bench was decent considering I’d just burned out on the press, and I got five solid singles at 115kg and three singles with the figure-8 at 125kg.

Kept support to exercises that spares the lower back, so got in a huge amount of batwings. Yay batwings!

Squat: Took a few days off because of a sore throat – no point in risking anything, thinking long term. Hit a triple @ 157,5 in the squat, which is pretty sad, but my lower back didn’t feel fantastic. Only did two sets of paused squats, before deciding this wasn’t the day. Did some GHDs, BSS’, hack squats and bearhug carries. All in all a decent day, where I managed to get a thorough warmup and a bit of squats in. Could’ve been worse.

Cardio: 15 hill sprints on a lovely sunday. Did 14 different warmup exercises in my livingroom (yay testing!) and then 5 warmup sprints, 5 technique sprints (at a decent speed) and 5 at full throttle. Woo hoo. Max HR 172, Avg HR 133 (including warmup) and 453 kcal burned. I aint complaining.

Bench press: 6@110kg and a single with stop at 120kg. Good good. Three triples up to 125 with purple band in figure 8 and pinky grip, also very good. Support work was fine, but still feel like I need to take it easy on the lower back. Will get physio on it ASAP.

Bench days are going really well recently and I’m feeling a better flow in the motion. Still have a bit of an issue with the right side, but it’s getting there.

Deadlift: had physio on my lower back the day before, so took it really easy. A single @182,5 and 5 singles @ 142,5 sumo from deficit. Finished up with SG block pulls, some quad, hammie and gutwork and finally some isolated jaw-training and a coffee. <3

This marks the end of the first 6 weeks of training (think it’s actually 8 weeks) and I’ll be deloading for 4 workouts now. Really please with the way everything is going – training is great and I’m feeling better than ever. Yay.

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