We’re back!!

After a great vacation I’m back for the final push on my thesis. Great times ahead for sure.

While away, I managed to sneak in a two sessions of sprints, two rounds of minigolf and a ton of walking around. This made me realize how much I enjoy being physically fit. It’s not really about being able to move X amount of weight in the gym or about looking great in pictures, though all that’s good too. For me – it’s about life. It’s about not being limited physically by my own laziness. At our hotel most of the people would bitch and moan about waiting for elevators and even run in front of others to get to the elevator first.

sprintsContrary to that mindset, we enjoyed every opportunity to walk down the stairs (~150 steps) to our room or the 3km down the mountain to get into town. There’s nothing heroic about this in any way, but for many people today this truly represented a herculean effort.

We went for a long walk one day down a crazy beautiful promenade by the sea and I actually overheard somebody saying “this isn’t really pleasurable”. At the same time, I was looking out over the ocean, feeling the wind in my face and the sun on my back. I had my two girls at my side. At that point, everything was perfect for me.

So I guess having a decent physical education will in turn lead to a more enyoable life – especially as we grow older. Isn’t that nice?

flagAs always, I managed to get in a bit of reading too, though I gotta admit it wasn’t a lot. About 100 pages give or take, but some highly inspirational stuff. I’ve got quite a few great blog posts on the way, and I’ve also got my hands on a few new great books.

Next up on the blog will be a simple post on how to eat cake and ice cream every day and still not get fat.. I killed the all you can eat concept each and every day I was away and managed to keep weight gain to 1,5kg.

I hope you had a great week. Thanks for sticking around, more great stuff SOON.



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