What’s your why?

In life as well as in lifting, knowing where you’re going is essential. Having a reason and a purpose that fits with your values and goals will make them easier achievable and your life less stressful. You don’t have to be 100% on point in each and every step you take, but the majority of your steps need to pull your cart in the right direction.


Finding YOUR direction is obviously the first step. Knowing where you’re going and why you’re going there will help motivate you (as you’re not only seeing the big picture, but seeing YOUR big picture) as well as make all the little things so much easier. “Should I buy a PS3?” Not if one of the things that make you tick is spending time outdoors. The more conscious about your values you are – the easier it’ll be to say no to distractions.

Writing down a short list of 4-6 values that are important to you is a great start. Actually writing them down is much better than just thinking about them. You could put this note on your fridge or some other place where you’ll see it a lot.


Creating a moral compass for yourself will make your journey so much easier. Writing down your main training goals will also help keep you on point. That way before you do pretty much anything, you can ask yourself “will this help me accomplish my goals?” “will this make the journey towards my goal(s) longer/harder?”. Clearly defined goals work very well here.

Finding YOUR path and YOUR purpose will not only give you better results (for you), but it’ll also give you peace of mind. How can you not be calm and collected when you’re working hard towards your goal and not letting anything come in your way?

Have a great sunday and thanks for the incredible support. <3

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