Why I run 10k every week!

You probably read this post on fat loss.

This one takes off where the other one finished. I recently stumbled across some numbers that I wanted to share with you, so decided to come back to this topic.

See when I was around 18, I was done growing vertically. I was 185cms and somewhere around 75kg. Today I’m sitting at a leaner 92kg. Using conservative numbers, I’ve gained 15kgs of muscle mass since I was 18. One kilo of muscle mass burns about 10kcals/day, so I’m burning an unimpressive 150kcals more than I did when I was 18.

Go me! I’m a fat burning furnace!Furnace1

150 kcals is roughly 350g of green beans or 2 table spoons of olive oil. It’s next to nothing.

BUT. If we multiply the 150 kcals by 7 – I end up burning just above 1000 kcals every week, which is pretty much exactly what I’d burn, if I ever ran a 10k.

That’s a 10k run without even leaving my bed. Actually, as soon as I start to move around, the kcal expenditure increases exponentially, which only makes the point stand out even more.

So while I’m on my ass trying not to burn even more kcals, the cardio bunnies are out running. Thing is – I never have to find the time and I can’t skip my run when I’m lazy.

Build muscle, burn fat and get more time in the process. <3

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