Why you’re wasting time doing “mobility”

About five or six years ago I ran into “dynamic stretching”. Actually I already knew what it was, since it’s a stable in many sports to do some “swinging”, but that’s a different story.

Over the years it went from being something that would make people stop and stare at the gym, to a completely ordinary thing. Along the way came specific mobility training and Kelly Starrett who started his mobility project about four years ago.

While there’s no doubt in my mind that some form of mobility work can be beneficial to most people, it’s gotten downright ridiculous. I regularly see very weak people, who can squat down, knees to armpits spend half an hour doing “mobility” before they go on to squat 60kg.

Without strength in the end positions, all the mobility in the world will do next to nothing. Similar to cardio – without a certain amount of strength, extreme mobility isn’t really that impressive.



Obviously, you need *enough* mobility to get into good positions, but that’s it. Excess mobility will not translate into better performance. Excess strength will.

As with anything in training, it’s important to know your goals and prioritize accordingly. Unless you have very specific (major) issues, spending more than 10-15% of your total training time on mobility is probably a waste of time – unless you want to be a contortionist that is.

Try out this for an eye-opener:

  • Time the amount of mobility work you do over a week
  • Time the amount of strength training you do over a week
  • Time the amount of cardio you do over a week

Compare the three numbers and adjust accordingly.


2 thoughts on “Why you’re wasting time doing “mobility”

    • Haha nej slet ikke. Det var efter jeg så en fyr starte træningen med at sætte sig med armhulerne på knæene og så fortsatte med at lave “mobility” i al den tid, jeg squattede. 😀

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