Worry about this instead! Part one – nutrition

A couple of years ago I made a forum post listing 50 things you should worry about, before worrying about whether the incline bench was set at 35 or 45 degrees. Every time you worry about something silly consult this list. If you’ve got everything on the list nailed you’ve earned the right to worry about silly stuff. Its’ that simple.

  1. Focus on high quality local food and avoid anything that has a trademarked name. Eat like an adult – it’s really that easy.
  2. Vegetables. Eat as much as you can. No less than 500g a day.
  3. Avoiding refined sugar. This includes most weightgainers.
  4. Gluten. Bread is delicious and easy to make. Gluten will not kill you. Don’t eat white bread regularly though.
  5. Getting a decent amount of protein in you. It’s really not that hard – 500g of meat, 1L of milk are you’re pretty close to home without even supplementing.
  6. Drink water. Lots of it.
  7. Don’t smoke.
  8. Cutting down on supplements. If you take more than a handful different supps you’d probably be better off spending your money elsewhere.
  9. Put full fat cream in your coffee. Just a little bit. Why? Because it tastes great. Obviously we’re talking really strong good coffee. Get yourself a stovetop and a grinder if you can’t afford a real espresso machine. It makes great coffee.

So there you have it. Nine things to worry about before thinking about “nutritional timing”, “low, medium or cyclic carbs”, “micronutrients”, “superfoods” or any of the bazillion buzzwords.

Now before you shave your head, sell all your belongings and start practicing The Famous Way, I’d recommend that you live a little. These are guidelines (except for the smoking bit – just don’t) and shouldn’t be followed religiously. 80/20, 6/1 or whatever you want to call it. Don’t be the guy who can’t enjoy a good meal and a glass of wine at your inlaws. If you can’t take a day or even a week off every now and then, you’re probably worrying about the wrong things. Training should be complementing your life, not limiting it – at least not for regular meatheads.

Stay tuned for the next parts.


14 thoughts on “Worry about this instead! Part one – nutrition

  1. Very straight forward and honest post. I like that you said training should be a compliment to life and not a limitation. Of course, sacrifice is a necessary part of accomplishing new and difficult goals, but self-condemnation and “assholeism” (I made that word up) are not what noble sacrifice is about. Thanks for sharing your insights into the world of Fame!

    • Thanks for reading Donovan.
      For now I try to be as honest as possible. Hopefully in the future this blog will lead to unlimited wealth and sponsorships. 🙂
      General motivation, training philosophy and competitive mindsets is something that I’ll in the future for sure.

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  4. Thanks for liking my blog. I don’t know how you found it so quickly, and I am not sure if you liked just to get me to come here. None the less I am very flattered.

    I hope your blog will continue to become more popular. I will have a look every now and then.

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