Worry about this instead. Part five – hypertrophy.

In case you just started following, here’s a quick link to the first four parts of this series.

As you can see, I’ve covered nutrition, strength, behaviour and little things. To wrap up the list, here’s what you really came for – how to get sw0le!

  1. Strength. Unless you’re already moving significant poundages, forget about hypertrophy. The easiest way to look like you bench 140 is to bench 140.
  2. Finding and following a simple full body program with linear progression until you’ve stalled and reset around three to four times.
  3. Clean up the diet and gradually add a little. Counting calories is not for me, but if you do add 500kcal a day.
  4. Use medium reps (3-6ish) for main lifts, and higher (8-12) for assistance exercises. High rep squats is a classic for a reason though – try it once a week for a month or two. Start out with 20 reps at 50% 1RM and add weight each week.
  5. Forced reps build ego, not muscle.
  6. Weightgainers contain protein powder and shit. I’d rather grab a shake and eat cake any day of the week. Simple refined sugars are simple refined sugars – even if they come in a shiny tub that says “mass gain 5000”.
  7. Patience. I’ve been around this before, but it bears repeating. Busting your ass 3+ times a week over a period of 2-3 years is a surefire way to get jacked.
  8. Volume. A little more volume can be applied here, just don’t go overboard. we’re not trying to get 3-day DOMS here – we’re trying to build muscle. 5×10@50-60% should do the trick.
  9. You don’t have weakpoints if you’re not benching bodyweight and squatting around 1.5x bodyweight. Then you’re just weak. Get stronger.
  10. Worry about building muscle and/or losing fat – there’s no such thing as “toning”, “shaping”, “sculpting” or “defining” muscle. There’s muscle and there’s fat, how you look depends on those two factors.

As you can see there’s nothing new under the sun here. Focusing on big lifts and the long term is key here. I’ll get back to weakpoint training in a later post, as I’ve got my own hypothesis on how weakpoint training and social psychology interrelates. I’m really looking forward to writing that one myself.

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