Your questions answered

I regularly get all kinds of questions, and I often promise to answer them in future blog posts. Then I make a draft and I forget about it.

So I figured – why not just do a couple of Q’n’A posts?

Obviously, it’s gonna be hard to answer questions without questions, so I’m gonna need a bit of help if we’re gonna do this. Please send me your questions or put them in a comment and I’ll try to bunch them together in a way that makes sense.

Hopefully, there’ll be enough interest to do this regularly.


3 thoughts on “Your questions answered

  1. What is your stance on steroids?
    – Use of AAS in professional bodybuilding to retain a competitive edge. I think there are some fun philosophical considerations one could make here.
    – Use of AAS by natural bodybuilders. Henning Kristensen.
    – Use of AAS by fake natural bodybuilders on YouTube.
    – Use of AAS by non-competing and competing hobby bodybuilders.
    – The anti-doping policies in Denmark. Do you think it’s fair that non-competing hobby bodybuilders are prosecuted.

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