You’re amazing!

Seriously you are! You are fucking amazing.


Let that sink for a while.


You’re amazing and you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished at the gym. Every drop of sweat, every gram of muscle mass and every single kilo on your squat – you worked hard for it, so be proud of it.

This is a really big issue for me personally, but I also see a lot of people who are guilty of not being proud of themselves. Personally, I’ve pretty much always trained with people who were better than myself, and I’ve always downplayed what I accomplished. At best, I view my own results as average, because I know I could get pretty much anyone to my level within 3-5 years easily. Everybody can do it….. But they haven’t!

Luckily, I have my own little motivational coach at home, and just a few months ago as I wasn’t really doing as well as I wanted to, she looked at me like this and said “you’re awesome!!!”:




And you are!

And that makes you special. That makes you stand out like a fucking beacon in these dark times of obesity and poor health. You battled through injuries. You got up a 5 am when times were busy and you pushed through when others stopped. You trained like your life depended on it, because you know it does.


You might not be a world record holder. You might not even have one single silly stupid medal. Who cares?

You got out there and you accomplished something that most people only dream of. They’ll put you down, they’ll call you a fanatic and they’ll point their fingers.

They don’t have what you got.

They’re jealous.

Take five minutes today and think about how far you’ve come over the past years. Think about what you’ve accomplished in your daily life and your training life. Write those things down. Wear them like a fucking crown and scream it to the world. Just because somebody out there is stronger or leaner or whatever you shouldn’t be embarrassed.

You already put in the work, now OWN the results.

And if you did something wrong along the way, or have something you still haven’t accomplished, sit down for another five minutes and write a short list of 2-3 things you want to accomplish. Make them specific, set a deadline and carry the note with you at all times.

Just to make this post even more cliché, here’s a great picture for you.

rocky (1)

I think you’re amazing! Keep fighting the good fight, keep the resistance going!

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